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guiduc said:
LimaBean01 said:
Did something happen to PS4 in week 24?? It seems to have had much lower sales that week compared to its other weeks.

It keeps dropping for quite a few weeks after week 24. I think it's entering summertime, where sales are usually slower.

I see; Thankyou! 

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Week 28
Platform Global
Wii 247,558
3DS 191,570
NS 175,006
PS4 132,357
PSP 99,461
DS 97,747
X360 85,427
PS3 65,132
XOne 54,660
PSV 46,487
WiiU 22,231

Switch will overtake PS4.

Oneeee-Chan!!! said:
Switch will overtake PS4.

If we treat 3DS figures as an indicator of what to expect, then Switch should overtake PS4 anywhere between weeks 38 to 43. 

Week 29

Platform Global
Wii 248,737
PS4 216,534
NS 177,770
3DS 166,300
PSP 99,394
DS 93,958
X360 81,449
PS3 64,512
PSV 59,477
XOne 41,940
WiiU 20,567

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How did I miss this thread before???

Kudos for your work, really interesting to see all the consoles and handhelds aligned

This is going to be really interesting. Thank you for this thread.

Week 30 is up for the Switch

And trunks hinted at some adjustments, might need to doublecheck the numbers


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I feel like Switch is slightly undertracked on this site. One more week of September, Nintendo's numbers are 7.63 million. VGchartz may have it at nearly 7 million at the end of september. I doubt that there are over 600,000 on store shelves the way its been selling out since launch.