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What is going to sell better on the Switch, Skyrim or FIFA 18?

The Elder Scrolls V. Skyrim. 193 44.06%
FIFA 18. 160 36.53%
They will practically sell the same. 20 4.57%
The rabbids will consume us all. 65 14.84%

It's very hard to predict. I guess Skyrim will sell better initially, but FIFA may catch up in the holidays and in 2018.

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bonzobanana said:
Do Fifa games auto update to the new team rosters with internet support. Haven't bought a Fifa game for a while but tended to buy a game just to try when it was a couple years out of date with the wrong team rosters because it then sold for a few pence. Even then didn't get much value out of it. I suspect Skyrim will do better over the long term at least.

It does auto update the squads up until the end of the January transfer window. Anything after that will be in the next years version of the game.

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I see a lot of people saying Skyrim's been done so many times, but...
- it's never been portable
- Breath of the Wild has built a market for them
- games that have been done many times seem to sell big anyway lately (see Grand Theft Auto V)

I wish it were Skyrim, I fear it will actually be FIFA.

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FIFA. I'll buy a few copies so we get the full game next year lol



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I'm gonna say Skyrim because Skyrim; however, it really just depends on EU. Will the portability factor make the sales for Switch good? Could go either way.

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Previous versions of Skyrim have sold best in North America, a region where Switch is very strong.

FIFA on the other hand is more of a European thing, and Switch isn't doing as well there.

There also seems to be more buzz surrounding the former.

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Well, fifa sells more than 10 million every year. it is much bigger than skyrim nowadays.
Id bet on fifa.

Too hard to tell but it's definitely competitive ...

FIFA 18 is a new game releasing on a system where the console manufacturer is weaker than ever in the region which the game performs best in and Skyrim is an old game is releasing in the strongest performing region of the console manufacturer which is the game's best performing region ...

I think FIFA 18 might top Skyrim for the Switch all things considered and portability is not so much of an argument in favour of Skyrim as it is for FIFA 18 since the feature is inclusive to both ... (Skyrim is also going to undergo a second rerelease which will water down it's sales even more.)

FIFA. No contest.

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