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Forums - NSFW Discussion - What drugs have you used?


Have you ever used illegal drugs?

Yes 25 34.72%
No 47 65.28%


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Flilix said:
SvennoJ said:
Hmm, various forms of cannabis, xtc, speed, cocaine, caffeine pills, mushrooms, various types of alcohol. Fun times.

Did you live in Amsterdam?

Yes for 10 years, I moved their when I went to the university. Experimenting with drugs started after that when I had my first job.

Honestly, my trippiest experiences have not been from taking drugs per se but from coming off them.

Withdrawal from stuff like Sertraline, Risperadone, and Clonazepam can feel pretty weird; light-headedness, altered perception of time, heightened anxiety, upset stomach, mood swings, etc.

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Im on a break now but i was on some large amounts of alcohol everyday. Now for drugs, ive smoked weed and drank DXM. I cannot recommend DXM enough, it is fuckin crazy when taken in a large enough quantity. DXM is an active ingredient in cough syrup so if you are interested make sure you look at all the active ingredients and make absolute sure that DXM otherwise known as dextromethorphan is the only one on the list, it can be either slow release or quick, neither are "harmful" but all the other ingredients have highly unwanted affects and some, in large enough doses will kill you. To get the official "trip" type of experience where whatever reality your mind conjures up becomes your actually reality for the next few hours then you need to at least consume 800mg of DXM.

I took cold med this morning.

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Never taken illegal drugs before. Gotten drunk a few times in the past (the time on vgchartz I went crazy was me drunk... I mean "dehydrated" XD), but I've never been into the void of actual shit. Guess I'm just not cool enough, sigh*.

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Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

I took cold med this morning.

Silly, you're supposed to make meth with that, not waste it by taking it.

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Only prescription drugs. Some members of my family had some issues with drugs including alcohol, cigarettes and even caffeine, so I try to stay away from all of that.



I live in Belgium, what do you expect?

Never used any drugs, I am a drug virgin. And to be honest I am curious about DMT aka the spirit molecule, I'd like to try DMT as this substance is unlike any other. But I don't know how to safely obtain it. DMT is a very interesting substance and people should be allowed to try it freely. But I'm not going to buy it off some fishy guy in some dark alley cause who knows what he will really sell me, some poison maybe...
Whereas if the substance was legal you could safely buy it in a pharmacy. How ignorant of society to criminalize DMT.