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Forums - Sales Discussion - June NPD prediction thread (who will win this months NPD). PS4 Wins (leaked results in OP)


Which console will win this month's NPD?

Xbox One 27 4.17%
PS4 545 84.10%
Nintendo Switch 76 11.73%

Well, whenever we do these NPD threads, hardware and software always go hand and hand. So yeah.

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Hard to say - the Switch is still new and has not fulfilled its launch backorders yet and we don't know how much stock Nintendo shipped to stores.

[PS4] 230k

[NSW] 160k

[XB1] I dunno, 80k

Arms - 300k

Horizon > BotW

Crash only had 3 days of sale, I don't see it in the top 5.

Edit: Hold on, NPD charts are now on revenue, so Horizon would have had to outsell BotW by quite a bit. Hmm.

Same thing with Crash. It's cheaper, so it needed to sell pretty big numbers to go high in the charts. 

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DialgaMarine said:
Do a handful of people just vote for their favorite console? Who actually thinks XB1 will take this NPD? lol

Lol chill! Its only a small amount of people. Probably just trolling. 

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With the supply issues currently going on with the Switch, the PS4 will definitely be on top for June.

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Mr.GameCrazy said:
With the supply issues currently going on with the Switch, the PS4 will definitely be on top for June.

Except we don't know how many were shipped to stores.

Kerotan said:
Barney remember you used to ask if you could leave the Wii U out of the poll and keep just ps4 and xb1? Because Wii U had no chance according to you.

Well surely you want to remove the xb1 for the same reason?!

Anyway this is a battle between ps4 and switch. If switch stock is low ps4 takes another victory.

Ehhh... nah!

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PS4 will take it because it has no constraints.

jason1637 said:

[XB1] 180k

[PS4] 270k

[NSW] Dunno about stock but maybe 200k.

[3DS] 55k

[WiU] 10k

That's quite high for XB1. Shawn Layden said PS4 has been otselling XB1 2:1 in US this year.

Switch in June similar like in May had low stocks, so most likely PS4 is winning, while Switch is second and XB1 and third.