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I have a sweet video with my yung Latino accent explaining Tangents

Besides that, I upload some Sm4sh matches every now and then.

Bet with bluedawgs: I say Switch will outsell PS4 in 2018, he says PS4 will outsell Switch. He's now permabanned, but the bet will remain in my sig.

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Tagging. Gonna make my own channel soon. Already have one but that's only been used for upload my presentation at school.

A handheld gamer only (for now).

StarOcean said:
I'm not gonna post my YT account, but I did have one. It was when I was 11 and used until I was 13/14. I tried doing Pokemon Walkthroughs and theory videos. They're horribly embarassing XD I have no access to the account these days due to forgetting the password. But yeah, maybe I'll show my vids to my kids someday

I would seriousy like to see those vids. Ha.

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If this thread existed like 8 years ago I would have advertised my channel like crazy. Now I try my best to distance my channel. I made some videos from when I was like 13 and uploaded them to youtube. They are still there and no I will not post it in this post. I will not embarrass myself.

Everyone else is welcome to post theirs though.

PS: Did you know Arlo has a VGC account? That's crazy right?

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Switch is 9th generation. Everyone else is playing on last gen systems! UPDATE: This is no longer true

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I did a youtube thing... Just posted a new video an hour ago, lol.  I usually post fighting game related stuff, but I'm going to expand

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approaching 500 subs

In short a playstation related channel..


One of my more underwatched videos that I poured a lot of time into:

Love doing it, but I'd take more subs to be sure.

Retro Tech Select - My Youtube channel. Covers throwback consumer electronics with a focus on "vid'ya games."

Latest Video: Top 12: Best Games on the N64 - Special Features, Episode 7

my Brother and I just started our Youtube channel please subscribe
AMD stock story video How I made 500k
Some video from concerts, some of my music videos. I'm totally diy, so update rarely. Need to work on it.
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