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Bloodborne 220 16.58%
Nioh 23 1.73%
Until Dawn 20 1.51%
Splatoon 407 30.67%
Horizon Zero Dawn 476 35.87%
The Wonderful 101 24 1.81%
Arms 23 1.73%
Watch Dogs 10 0.75%
Sunset Overdrive 35 2.64%
Other 89 6.71%

Bloodborne, but if we exclude that one I would vote for Horizon Zero Dawn. Honourable mention is Ori, game looks freaking amazing and is very intresting. If only MS made, funded or bought more of these games.

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Horizon Zero Dawn for me.........Splatoon felt like a agme that sjpuld have been 30-40 and not 60 because it lacked a ton of content. Otherwise it would be in my top 5

Preston Scott

As much as I like Splatoon, Horizon beats it like a pro.

Overwatch then Horizon: Zero Dawn

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