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Forums - Sports Discussion - The unofficial official NBA thread- Today is draft day!


Will Lonzo Ball succeed in the NBA?

Yes, he will be a super star 1 12.50%
He will be elite, but not top-10 worthy 0 0%
Yes, but will be far from... 4 50.00%
No, he will be a bust 3 37.50%
monocle_layton said:
Chris Hu said:
One thing I'm not looking forward to next season is the advertising on the jerseys. I'm thinking the NHL will follow soon. The MLB could eventually have ads on their jerseys also. The NFL already has ads on their practice jerseys I don't think they will ever have ads on their regular jerseys.

I know soccer jerseys are infested with ads. Can't see how anyone buys jerseys with ads on them

Well most soccer teams have only one ad on their jersey it becomes tacky when there are numerous ads on a jersey which is common in a lot of lesser known leagues in various sports.

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Mike321 said:
Tfw the off season is more interesting than the playoff

A good draft, many big names potentially leaving their teams, bigger salary caps, and a bunch of drama is gonna make one interesting year


Depending on what happens in the East, I can see the Cavs potentially being challenged. 

I would say it's mostly his dad than it is Magic. Magic's the President of Basketball Operations, I'd be surprised if he DIDN'T hype of Lonzo. LaVar on the other hand, guranteeing a spot in the playoffs is a little premature, ESPECIALLY when the Timberwolves just got Jimmy Butler to go along with Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony-Towns AND your son is playing in the Western Conference, now he has put Lonzo in a spot sink or swim in the middle of the Pacific Ocean type of spot. I feel pretty bad of him to be honest, I haven't seen this much hype and expectations for a rookie ever since LeBron got drafted.

With Chris Paul going to the Rockets I'm pretty sure that Blake Griffin will sign somewhere else now to so the Clippers will definitely not make the playoffs next season.

His reaction to the CP3 trade is priceless!
(I'm so sorry, Clippers fans. Hey, at least you still have Blake....... at the time of this comment.)

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Chris Paul + James Harden. The Rockets are going to be a strong team in the new year.
Jimmy Butler trade to the T'Wolves form a Big 3 with Wiggins and Towns.
Big 3 is not quite enough when the Warriors have the Big 4.

Nice to see some teams really trying to make big moves, and give themselves a chance at competing with the Warriors, even if it's just a puncher's chance