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Forums - Music Discussion - The Official Heavy Metal Thread


Do you like extreme metal?

Yes 43 63.24%
No 17 25.00%
See Results 8 11.76%

Awesome heavy metal from France:

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Some thrashing, well, thrash metal!

LOL, I had an interesting dream last night, I must say. My dream was that there was a band that were scheduled to record an album, but their drummer didn't show up and they hadn't written any songs, so I ended up being the back-up drummer and we had to improvise them. I remember that the album was mainly death metal, with the exception of one power metal song and some short guitar-feedback interludes. I remember that the album was 27 minutes long. It was an interesting dream, I must say. Maybe I need to actually make my own album like this now

LOL, this is hilarious!!

Album of the Week: Loudness - Thunder in the East (1984)



Loudness were the first Japanese metal band to really break through stateside, and this is their most popular of them all!! It's classic 80s metal, and I'd highly recommend it to those who are a fan of the good ol' style of metal. My favourite track on here may be Like Hell, though I'd have to listen to the album a few more times before having a definitive answer.

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I'm considering this thread abandoned as of now, a mod can lock it if he sees this post.

Hardcore incel nerd metal right here:

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Parkway Drive dropped their new album on Friday, "Reverence", and it's pretty fucking good if I'm being honest... this is my favourite song that wasn't one of the three singles;

(Let's keep the thread alive! :P)

Here's a new song from black metal legends Immortal. It's from Northern Chaos Gods, their first album without founding member Abbath.

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