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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bold Prediction: SMO will get a 99 on Metacritic! [Update currently a 97!] I Took the "L"

It'll get a 99 only because it has shirtless Mario :p

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I doubt it. A bold claim but you're no stranger to bold claims.

It'll get a 96-97. There will be 2-4 publications that will give it low scores just to be different, just like with BotW.

I tip Mario to do worse than Zelda. 95 and below. Looks fun however i can see flaws in the design. Zelda on the other hand.

I'm very disappointed Mario doesn't have nipple tassels. 3/10

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Because this game confirms that Mario has feet and nipples, I shall raise my prediction from 95 to 97.

I think it will get at least 95, so I can see 95-97, 99 is very hard, because its enuf that some receivers that want attention gave 70 score and than there are minimal chances for 99.

this will be the highest rated Mario Game!


Do you mean like reach 99 but not stay at 99?

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I'd say 109