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Forums - Sports Discussion - Forbes: highest-paid athletes (Cristiano Ronaldo = #1)

Ka-pi96 said:
think-man said:
I long for the day that a Rugby player can make the top 100.

Don't expect that to happen in your lifetime

Rugby just doesn't seem to be growing as a sport that fast, in fact salaries in other sports are probably increasing at a faster rate despite being higher already too!

You just need to go and convince every Chinese and/or Indian person that rugby is the #1 sport on the planet, then rugby players can dominate the list

Good thing world rugby is investing in China, Also I read that Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the USA.

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That federer... amazing!


VGPolyglot said:
How does Lebron get paid so much? The NBA has a soft salary cap, so a lot of it has to be from sponsorships, and not from the Cavaliers themselves.

The NBA is retarded. Lebron takes up a third of his team's salary. How are you supposed to put a strong team together with an investment like that?

Curry just re-signed for a 40m per year salary. I mean wtf.

You know, if players were fucking smart, they'd take pay cuts, and improve their lineup.