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I got a great Samsung 4k last year, absolutely love it. The prices have really plummeted, and they'll probably be the standard quite soon.

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I recently got the samsung 60ks8000 for 1,100 for 4k gaming though I rather wait for ps5 instead of getting scorpio. Ps4 pro has given me an idea of what to expect from it.

I just checked a price comparison site in Japan, and the cheapest 60-incher it finds is about 1350$ (150k Yen).

Why is stuff so cheap in the US?? O.O

(600$ ones are probably of really bad quality, but still...)

Need something off Play-Asia?

Sure, you can go spend $2,500+ for a high end 60", but the real difference is really small.

Is it? Not much point getting one without good HDR capabilities as that's where you'll find the benefits for a game console. (It might be native 4k, textures and environmental detail still aren't up to 1080p capabilities) $600 will get you the resolution, what about the 10 bit wide color gamut and HDR?

Landguy said:

why is it that so many people believe that 4k TV's are so expensive?

Because they used to be.

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Depends what brand you want to go with but yeah they are pretty obtainable these days and only going to get cheaper.

Cheap 4K TVs have absolutely shitty image quality. If you have only 500 bucks for a TV, you're most likely better off with a good 1080p screen than some shitty 4K TV. Also the software on cheap 4K TVs is lacking most of the time. Prepare for lagging menus and stuff like that. On top of that, cheap 4K TVs don't have HDR, so they are not future proof in any way. If you don't want to buy yet another TV in 1-2 years, don't buy one without HDR.

That being said, 500 $ is a lot of cash. Why should anyone spend so much money if there isn't any need for it? Why buy a 4K TV now when your good ol' 1080p screen is working just fine? Most people just don't see the need for it, so most people will upgrade no sooner than when their old TV breaks down. Or they might not upgrade at all, because who's still watching TV these days, lol. It's just silly to go out and spend your money for something you don't need. It's also bad for the environment.

4K won't be the standard before 2020 at the very earliest.

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For a standard 42" 4k screen i've seem them go as low as 400 euro, for a decent screen around 600 euro is doable, for good HDR you need to add some, but pretty much 4k is the price 1080p was a year ago

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A lot of current HDR sets are really rubbish. Hisense do models with a panel of only 250 cd/m2 and claim HDR yet the panel can only go almost half as bright as some non HDR televisions. I think the first true HDR set at a reasonable price is the Samsung 7000 series (8000 series in US) which has 1000 cd/m2. I think the ideal HDR level is something like 1400-1500 cd/m2 so we aren't there yet with regards proper HDR performance. The Samsung 7000/8000 series has a high failure rate and some users have reported judder because their panels have too low a pixel response rate on some batches.

I have a budget 4k tv and love it. Couldn't be happier with it. Great features and performance. It's based around a LG panel though because it has passive 3D. My next tv will be OLED though which to me is far superior to LCD with LED backlighting. Don't assume paying more gets you a better tv. My tv is made by a company called Vestel in Turkey under their own brand 'Finlux' and is feature packed with a quad core board but Vestel also make tv's for other brands in Europe like 'Panasonic' and that set actually seems to have a slower dual core board and reduced features yet is considerably more to buy, maybe 40% extra in price. Finlux tv's are directly sold by Vestel, but Panasonic are sold in stores so you have the shop margin, wholesaler margin, Panasonic margin on top of the Vestel factor door price. Panasonic have since started assembling chinese tv kits in Europe with noticeably poor panels at entry level with judder and other issues. I realise that Panasonic are not a brand in the US for televisions now I think they withdrew from that market last year but are still sold elsewhere. The best tv's tend to be the 2 Korean companies who are technology led even if they still manufacture mostly in China. I personally wouldn't buy a Japanese brand now at close to full price because they are basically a brand slap on other companies parts. Some of the mid range or above Hisense models easily match the Japanese brands at much lower prices even if their budget models are best avoided.

4K TVs are becoming fairly affordable, but 1080p TVs are fine and much cheaper. I mean you could get a decent 40" 1080p for around $200 or $300 for better quality.

Frankly, a lot of games aren't even hitting and opting for better performance instead. Games that do increase the resolution can also look better on 1080p screen.

Franky, 1080p is still a crisp image so there isn't much interest in 4K yet. I think there is more interest in 60 fps gaming.

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