Do you vape?

Yes. 21 13.64%
No. 98 63.64%
I smoke fags. 7 4.55%
I smoke rollies. 1 0.65%
I smoke a pipe. 2 1.30%
I smoke pure weed. 7 4.55%
other/comments/results/tits. 18 11.69%
John2290 said:
Raistline said:

You don't inhale the smoke from cigars. You suck the smoke into your mouth and let the flavor of the cigar smoke roll around until you breath it out. Cigars cause oral cancer, not lung cancer.

Ciggarettes are inhaled and cause lung and throat cancer, and sometimes oral cancer as well.

Vaping has no known side effect other than addiction at this time. (this does not include using a vaporizer for weed as this is a different process altogether and still invovles smoke directly from the plant)

Hmm, tounge cancer or or lung cancer? You may be right, tounge cancer is way better than lung cancer. #Iamasarcasticprick


I'm not saying that one is either better or worse than the other. I was just noting a correction and stating facts.

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No, because I hate smoking, I hate tobacco companies, and I hope whoever is the most prominent tobacco CEO dies horribly for what their industry has done.

I've seen a lot of people vape to get off of smoking. It definitely helps.

p0isonparadise said:
John2290 said:



No, just boring.

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Hell yeah, just got a new mod last week! (just a reference picture of what it looks like)

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I'm a serial vapist.

No...I don't. Tried it once and it murdered my lungs. Felt like I coughed up a storm cloud.

Don't do any drugs or alcohol, even try to stay away from pills for the most part. Luckily, no major health problems to warrant any of them.

Nope, I have no reason to vape.

Never smoked either, and I never will. I don't really fancy getting cancer, a heart attack, or a stroke.

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Nope, I tried smoking once when I was about 13 didn't like it and didn't get the appeal my mother used to be a smoker and had plenty of other friends and family that smoked so I got plenty of secondary smoke throughout my lifetime. No I try to avoid secondary smoke whenever possible. Also if ever try weed it will be trough edibles not by smoking it.

I'd rather take up smoking unfiltered animals.

There were some vape-heads in one of my classes. It was all they talked about. Smoke rings, flavors, drug percentages, new models, and many other things I don't care about. Other vape-heads used to come by during the break and they'd all gather around and talk about vaping like it was presented to mankind directly by Jesus.

I felt murder enter my heart.

Gave me flashbacks to the time I was stuck behind a salesman on an airplane who talked about the wonderful world of adhesives nonstop from Dallas to Las Vegas.