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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which game is a bigger embarrassment to their franchise? (FFXV or Andromeda?)


Which game is more embarassing?

Final Fantasy XV 45 23.32%
Final Fantasy XV 13 6.74%
Mass Effe- I mean Final Fantasy XV 135 69.95%

So if you're like me then you've had the incredible misfortune of having to playing the newest entry in Square's long, boring, outdated, and archaic JRPG series. Called Final Fantasy XV. Or 15 if you're a simpleton. For a while there it looked like FFXV was going to be the saddest thing to ever happen to a popular franchise this gen but lo and behold, a new challenger has entered the ring. Mass Effect Andromeda looks like a boring and poorly designed open world sci fi thingy that doesn't pay any respect to its once great legacy. Kind of of like Final Fantasy XV!

So anyways, which game do YOU believe is the bigger embarrassment this gen?


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Mass Effect Andromeda. Final Fantasy had already lost some of its stature while Mass Effect was riding high bar the ending of number 3.

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Who said FFXV was an embarrassment? I enjoyed the hell out of that game and loving the new timed quest.

Personally, I think the biggest embarrassment is that these IPs were still held in high regard right up until the release of their latest installments.

I mean, last generation Final Fantasy got mocked for its XIII series as well as the catastrophic launch of XIV while Mass Effect went through a shitstorm because the third game's ending contradicted the entire premise of the series.

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After FFXIII that franchise had no where to go up.

Andromeda is only an "embarrassment" as we're far too critical and see the absolute worst moments and animations popped up onto twitter as if that represents the entire product. "Disappointment", I think, would be a better word for it... I suppose one would have to go with Andromeda given the previous games were all considered superior.

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Andromeda stings the most. Final Fantasy has fallen from grace at one point, Mass Effect, really hasn't until now.

FFXV wasn't an embarrassment. Its got issues but its a fine addition to the final fantasy series. I havent played Andromeda yet but it doesn't seem that bad.

Uh...Mass Effect Andromeda, no question? Like, none. At all.

Say what you want about your personal taste but the reality is that if you pull back to get a more general perspective, Final Fantasy XV was received as a rather good game by the majority. And it along with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was viewed as a return to form of a sort after the XIII trilogy and XIV ran the franchise straight into the ground.

Mass Effect Andromeda, on the other hand, followed up on a game with a controversial ending but otherwise very well liked game and is, if nothing else generally perceived as disappointing. Not terrible, but disappointing. And the many technical short comings are embarrassing for any game with this much dev time.

ffxv is a really great game... mass of course


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ME Andromeda, of course, FFXV is no embarrasment at all. Its decent a Final Fantasy, far from the best and yet far from the worst. Like the horrible thing that was FFXIII.

ME Andromeda is huge stain in an otherwise perfect record and from what can be read, a bad game overall.