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Nuvendil said:
Goodnightmoon said:

Why would they patch it when the vast majority seems to be right with it and the game got the biggest number of perfect scores ever? The whole game is already balanced this way, it would only hurt it if suddlenly weapons don't break, they could tweak it a bit, but that's all and is not gonna happen cause it doesn't need to happen. 

I think he means make the strong weapons last longer.  I don't think it would hurt, it would only help some people's play experiences and not harm others.  Personally don't see it happening cause Nintendo is pretty conservative with patches for singleplayer games.

Stronger weapons do last longer

Go and look at a weapon list online. You can see durability rating on each weapon. The weak weapons have like a durability of like 10-15. Some of the more powerful weapons ahve durabilities of like 40. The amiibo weapons and champion weapons are like 60+