Forums - Sony Discussion - Best RPG developer on PS4 this generation?


CD Projekt Red 106 32.32%
From Software 62 18.90%
Guerilla Games 60 18.29%
Bioware 7 2.13%
Bethesda 8 2.44%
Team Ninja 6 1.83%
Square Enix 36 10.98%
Other 43 13.11%

From Software is my favourite RPG developer this generation. Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 is a masterpiece and they nail the atmosphere, combat and lore of the games with amazing level design and boss fights.

Guerilla Games and CD Projekt Red have also done amazingly well with Horizon and The Witcher 3. The lore and worlds are amazingly well crafted in both these games and Horizon has amazing combat.

Some major games this generation:

CD Projekt Red - The Witcher 3

From Software - Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3

Guerilla Games - Horizon

Bioware - Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect: Andromeda

Bethesda - Fallout 4

Team Ninja - Nioh

Square Enix - Final Fantasy XV

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Yeah, so far I'd say From Software.

Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo

CD Projekt Red definitely, FromSoft and GG come close with Bloodborne and Horizon but the Witcher is superior.

Not even close. As a huge Bethsoft fan, I still have to give it to CD Projekt RED. Not only best RPG developer, but best developer overall as of now, imo. Don't see the upcoming Cyberpunk being as good as Witcher tho.

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CD Projekt RED. It has absolutely no competition right now.

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CD Projekt Red so far. It's hard to judge as most just have one game on the market. Bathesda, Guerrilla Games and CDPR all just have one game.

But based on what's released

Guerrilla Games
From Software

In that order

I'm hoping in a few weeks time I'll be saying Atlus.

Who am I kidding. Of course I will.