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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Crash Bandicoot Trilogy will rocket past 20 million copies - Why aren't we talking about this?

VGPolyglot said:
I sometimes wonder if Donald Trump is suffering from dissociative identity disorder, and just posts here in his free time.

He thinks vgc is a russian website and posting in the forums is really just a new form of tweeting and he knows for sure that 20mllion copies will be sold, because he has made it a presidential order and those 20 million copies are to be air dropped on those travel banned nations, keeping them to busy to come to America also when they find out that their new hero crash is an Australian marsupial  from the state of Tasmania they will want to go there instead.

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I'm sure people are excited to play Crash games again, but 20 mil? That's very optimistic.

The game would have to be bundled with the console from now on to reach those numbers.



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Other people already said but you are insane if you think Crash can come to close to 20M sold, even if it released on every possible platform. 2-3M on ps4 is an optimistic bet as we don't know how strong the ip is nowadays. People wanted the return of crash, not a remake of the trilogy, we will see. I hope it does well though

If it goes to all platforms it might clear 5 million at best. PS4 version has all the hype, once the other versions come out they won't sell even half of the PS4 version combined.

I love crash but no


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tbone51 said:
Your name isn't Tbone51

At least your predictions come true more often than not. 

While the OPs suggestion is quite overshooting it, I have been somewhat surpised to see Crash being consistently in the top 10 best sellers in video game category on Amazon in Europe. In UK, Germany, (currently 8th and 11th) and in Italy it is currently the best selling product in all video game categories despite the release date still being so far away. (And it's not available currently in France without importing)

I can see it reaching 3-3.5 million copies based on nostalgia of the older userbase alone, but nowadays, cartoony 3D platformers are not that popular anymore, and maybe people will just buy the PS Clasics on the PS Store. I can see it reaching 6m if it becomes a full multiplat, though.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Has a single Crash game ever sold as much? I mean I'm on a sales website but I'm guessing no. I love Crash but I'm thinking 5m

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Damn, came in here thinking this was actually happening. Only to find out it's just a joke thread.