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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Hottest Female Game Character

lara croft

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Zero Suit Samus

I'm not sure who is the top, but Nariko is pretty damn close.
This guy agrees with me, though he may be taking his obsession a bit far:

"Holy moly! Nariko is perhaps the most stunning heroine I've ever seen in a game. Is it possible to fall in love with a virtual creature? She is truly beautiful, and those glimpses of her tush certainly are enjoyable...

I hope I can get over the fact that Nariko is only virtual. She embodies pretty much everything you could want in a woman (just don't tell my wife)."

lara or ZSS

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Kasumi from Dead or Alive 

^Guy pissing on Microsoft Sign


^She has no butt. See? It's virtually flat.


Oh, and ZSS is Zero Suit Samus. 

Nintendo Zealot said:

Kasumi from Dead or Alive

 The lack of elbows in that picture always freaks me out. :|

Orchid from killer instinct

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yeah definatly kasumi! I would have said that sooner but you know... people ban you for dumb reasons so I had to make a new account muahahahah