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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Hottest Female Game Character

Chickadee_143 said:
yeah definatly kasumi! I would have said that sooner but you know... people ban you for dumb reasons so I had to make a new account muahahahah

 That might not be the best thing to say.

OT: I'd have to say that ZSS is also up there.

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Check sig. Not the best pic though.

i got banned because no one said anything in a thread I made so to save myself looked dumb I decided to post to myself, and now i have a permaban for spaming hehe should be caled permi ban and they could wack a price tag on it and sell it. Any way I am a law abiding member and it was just that once I was so bored and now I must suffer for eternity! AHHHHHHH!!! and to keep things on topic the chicks in Pangya golf are pretty hot, Ivy on SC is steaming too hmmm but the dead or alive girls are by far the best!

Lmao look what I found when googling zero suit samus

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^not too shabby ....but what's the guy doing in the background?

epsilon72 said:
^not too shabby ....but what's the guy doing in the background?

Idk, lol. It looks like he is selling something, or those are trash bags , and he is doing comunity service. 

Princess Peach = WIN

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Taki from Soul Calibur? Bounce, bounce.

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aww Taki, i hate her red cat suite :( give her something slim and sexc like casandras hot warrior chick cloths (shes hotter then zelda) and she would look like a minx!!!!