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President Trump has banned employees of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from giving social media updates and speaking with reporters, according to The Associated Press.

The EPA ban comes amid other reports of agency staff being restricted from interacting the members of the Congress or the general public. 

BuzzFeed reported Tuesday that the Department of Agriculture instituted a similar ban, telling its employees not to distribute information about research papers or to post on Twitter under the agency's name. A Tuesday report in the Huffington Post said agency employees under the Department of Health and Human Services were told not to speak to public officials.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer declined to comment on the reports, saying that he wasn't familiar yet with the specific reported bans. But Spicer said it was natural for a new administration to reconsider agency operations. 

"I don't think it's anything surprise that when there's an administration turnover, that we're going to review the policy," Spicer said. 

The social media ban is part of a series of new restrictions at the EPA under the Trump administration. The Huffington Post reported Monday that EPA grants had been frozen, with agency employees barred from speaking of the matter. 


Myron Ebell, who leads the Trump EPA transition, confirmed the grant freeze to ProPublica.

“They’re trying to freeze things to make sure nothing happens they don’t want to have happen, so any regulations going forward, contracts, grants, hires, they want to make sure to look at them first,” Ebell told ProPublica.

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This person was quietly defying Trump from his computer at the national park Service



Would post a link to the tweets but they got deleted :(.  Guy who did it possible got fired :(;

It's not just the EPA. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Transportation and the National Park Service have all been hit with a gag order.

It sucks for the people that want to live in a good world.

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Yeah, I don't think this was the right thing to do on Trump's part...

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Anyone in the US that wants a free and open society should be very worried.

Oh man.. i never really thought he would go this far. Good luck Murica

As far as I understand it, that's awful. If it's not a bunch of fake news or lies or tied to a specific agendas/party, why restrict them? They are just informing people with the facts regarding our environment being in danger, what is the harm?

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Holy shit. Seems Trump will be exactly as bad as I feared. That so many Americans wanted this, frightens me big time.

Scoobes said:
Anyone in the US that wants a free and open society should be very worried.

If those are threatened in the US, they are threatened everywhere because the US is sort of a leader in many regards. Anyone anywhere than wants a free and open society should be very worried.