Forums - Gaming Discussion - I wish we could have a real Final Fantasy again.

niceguygameplayer said:

Completely turn based or active time battles. 1080p to 4k 2D sprite graphics. Set in medieval times. A great soundtrack by Nubuo Uematsu... I may have his name spelled wrong. No pretty boy teenagers. Normal towns with shops. The Final Fantasy theme music and classic victory theme music. No DLC. A  complete game in a package.A real FF, unlike XIII and XV. 

This is why I play Brave Exvius. No, it's not exactly what you want but it's more FF than FF15 was... easily.

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Serious question, why do we even need a 1080p/4k sprite pixel art? Does FF also need a touch of hipsterism?

FFXV is much funner to play than pretty much any final fantasy before it. If only they gave it a proper story.

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