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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wanna predict how much the Switch will sell?


How much do you think Switch will sell lifetime?

<10M 39 4.02%
10M-20M 125 12.87%
20M-30M 137 14.11%
30M-40M 143 14.73%
40M-50M 121 12.46%
50M-60M 120 12.36%
60M-70M 70 7.21%
70M-80M 60 6.18%
80M-100M 60 6.18%
> 100M 96 9.89%

20-25m.I geniunely think this is gonna sale around the same as the N64. Which are not particulary high numbers.

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30m LTD

I'll probably regret this.

7.3M in 2017. 65-75M lifetime. (If I could change the lifetime numbers... I would pull them higher.)

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pokemon on home console will add 20m sales alone.

For now, I'll be guessing on the lower side of things. 30m lifetime.
I think it can do more, but I can't say I'm optimistic with current information.

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Minimum 50-60m ltd

bluetoad said:
pokemon on home console will add 20m sales alone.

That's the thing. If we truly get a real mainline Pokémon game on the Switch. The console is gonna sell like gangbuster, hence why I'm maybe expecting a 60M consoles sold lifetime

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I will say about 20 Million lifetime, Remember this thread

Wii U prediction

60 - 80 million


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1.5m launch month. 8.5m by years end and 60m LT.