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celador said:
Sucker Punch's game, maybe Bloodborne 2, maybe Guerrilla Cambridge has something else (would RIGs need their entire team?). Not sure how legit that Level-5 collaboration rumour ended up being, as apparently that guy on gaf was not reliable as was made out

Struggling to think of much more involving first party, must be second and third party stuff mainly

Yea i remember Guerrilla Cambridge was hiring people to work on a multi million selling franchise a couple years back, and i don't think RIGs would've required their whole team to make it. My guess they've been working on a new Killzone.

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Lost Soul Aside Definitive Editon is coming 2018.

GribbleGrunger said:
Hopefully a Puppeteer remaster is one of them.

I still haven't played Puppeteer, always wanted to but never got around to it. I heard the 3D is really good on it as well so i would really like to try it out.


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I'm looking to foward to see Sucker Punch's new game, as I recently picked up second son and liked it quite a bit. Other than that it's only a matter of waiting for E3 for me.

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Please, keep them unannounced until they're close to release! That way we won't end up with another Scalebound or The Last Guardian!

Cant they stop? I dont even have enough time to buy Gravity rush 2 , i still have to finish m'y other games :(

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Good to hear, but not surprising in the least. This is what Sony does, lots of concurrent projects both announced and otherwise.

Here's what I'm thinking

Sucker punchs game
San Diego studio game (nothing major has come out of them since Modnation aside from the yearly MLB games)
Japan studios - 2 games
From software new game
Activision/Sony looking to make new crash depending on how Remaster sells.
Cambridge new game
London studio new game

Then on top of this, I am thinking they may have split Suckered punch and another studio into two teams so 2 projects a piece.

Im leaning towards 10 unannounced games at a minimum but I could easily be wrong.

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