Forums - Politics Discussion - Racist black teens torture white man live for supporting Trump

Turns out to be fake, the kids staged it.

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Ljink96 said:
outlawauron said:

Eh, this just isn't true at all. There was a similar story about a student who harrassed an assaulted a black teammate. It made news headlines on every major outlet, while this isn't being reported nearly as much. But hey, someone did bad things before, so this is ok. Apparently.

Don't remember seeing that story like, at all. And I watch the news quite often. I used to intern at a RTV6 news station and the things I've seen and heard have altered my perspective on news stories and race forever. I'm not bitter, this is not okay, but I've uh...experienced things, let's just say that. 

I mean, I heard about this from all types of outlets. You can use any major one and you'll see a story about it.

Both stories are awful, but to act like this doesn't matter because something wrong that was done in the past is loathsome.

Edit: And I see Fentonis trying to same one story got more coverage than another. WAT. How?

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Can you please update the topic title. A black teen would not do this a they are just like any other decent person in society.

On the other hand a self proclaimed "nigga gangsta" would. I'm sure they through that word around a few times in the video in between the punches as they laughed at how tough they were.


EDIT: just read it was staged on last page of comments. Is that something you really fuck with?



I see nothing that says this was staged. Anyway, nothing says stupid then posting your crime on Facebook. As for this story getting run on all the major sites, I have found it covered on all of them and on the front page so does this mean this posting was rushed.

Ljink96 said:
Sad, but let's not act like the other side didn't do similar things. It's always news when it happens to a white man.

Lmao this is literally the first time I've heard of something like this.  you trying to say it wouldn't also be big news if white men done this to a black dude? 



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I'd heard about this and noticed they hadn't really emphasised the race of the attackers because they're black bit had it been the other way around they sure as hell would have made that known.

RolStoppable said:
Bandorr said:

Depends would be my guess. It seems what qualifies as a hate crime depends on what state you are in. What state did this take place in?

The crime happened in Chicago, so Illinois it is.

SonytendoAmiibo said:

Mr Stoppable has a political agenda? I may have to remove him from my pedestal. Shame really. About everything.

Yes, my political agenda is that politicians on all sides lie and can hardly be respected for anything they do. Because of that, I've never gone to an election in my life. Because of that, I am also not going to oblige to people who say that I must choose a political side because of an incident like this.

Just curious, does this include local elections too? Do you extrapolate this logic to count for everyone? Because personally I see no inherent reason to think politicians in general are crappier human beings just because they are politicians (or the opposite, that they are better human beings). Now, I'd agree with you that everybody lies, but I still have friends and make conversations etc. and in the same way, I still vote for various politicians (or well, I would if I were old enough) if I think it'll get me closer to making the country more like how I think it should be. I just find it curious that you are so pragmatic about everything, yet don't see the pragmatic reasoning to vote.
Yea that's why they were all charged with hate crimes amongst other things.

loy310 said:
Turns out to be fake, the kids staged it.

Racial tention just gets worse in America by the day. Not to be rude, but why doesn't Canada have these issues as well?

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The mainstream media seems to be pushing the line that these were just 'stupid kids' and that it's not a hate crime.

I wonder if 4 white people kidnapped a retarded black person and did exactly the same thing yelling 'Fuck black people' and 'Fuck Obama' if the reaction from the MSM would be the same. I highly doubt it.