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onionberry said:
This is cute because once you experience a real relationship and sex for the first time, these kind of things are not going to matter at all and you are going to read your own thread and say "lol hehe, wow" in the meantime just keep going and fix your relationship with your friend.

I don't know about that. I'm afraid he might become the super jealous over sensitive type that will have meltdowns when the girl just accidentally looks at other guys.

bunchanumbers said:
You wouldn't have these problems with Xbox.

That's because no one plays on xbox :P

To be serious though... this really isn't the stuff for VG Chartz. You need to be able to handle this kind of stuff on your own. Also, getting jealous because she played a game with another guy? Who cares. If you're really as close as you think you guys are, then they'res no need to be insecure over every little thing.

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badgenome said:
onionberry said:


that's the sonic fanboy right???

Yeah. Well, fan "girl" now.

Ahhh Chris Chan.

I liked him more when he was in a Virgin with rage faze then Transgender faze.

By the way did he ever found boyfriend free girl.

And OP nice job and just stop being jealus when it comes to stuff like that.

Hapuc12 said:

By the way did he ever found boyfriend free girl.

No, so he became one.

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If you make 24 more threads like this I will have a complete script to send to Kyoto Animation

But to be real, all relationships - whether romantic or not - need to have an element of reciprocity. Your friend is their own person with their own agency, wants and needs. I think it's great you've found someone who wants to talk to you that much - but you can't treat your friendship as a singular end to your emotional needs. It's unhealthy. I read the first thread and it sounded like textbook guilt-tripping manipulation. Don't be a manipulator, OP.

You both overreacted. Try communicating with each other as if you are each your own person, and put yourselves into each other's shoes. Be more forgiving. Honestly 99% of all arguments could be avoided or resolved with proper communication.

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Yeah, that happens. Wait till fall in love and realize you will not end up with that person. Wait till it happens 2, 3, 4 times. That is a bitch.... =(
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