Forums - General Discussion - I was assaulted and I got robbed while I was walking to the subway


buy a knife 2 1.18%
buy pepper spray 40 23.67%
buy a gun 20 11.83%
buy a katana 20 11.83%
taekwondo and karate classes 36 21.30%
all of the above 51 30.18%

That's horrible, glad that you are ok.

Also some of the posts here are....interesting.

Proud to be a Californian.

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So, that shit also happens in the richest countries. I've had that situation once here as well. You feel like you're ready to kill afterwards.

onionberry said:
SkepticallyMinded said:
I'm not sure why you thought you were safe to walk alone at night. That's very naive or very stupid. This is a crippling experience for sure emotionally, but perhaps it's actually a blessing in disguise as in the future when you encounter someone looking for more than cash from you, you will be better prepared to handle the situation.

I hope this is your only interaction with such matters, but you need to make better decisions.

maybe your intentions are good so I'm just going to say that  was at 4 pm at downtown manhattan after a 12 hours shift and I was going from my work to my apt. Now in that scenario find the "naive, stupid or you need to make better decisions" part.

My apologies, I apparently misunderstood the scenario and invented a fiction. That being said, you live in a large city where things like this happen daily. Bare minimum protection ought to be a prerequisite - pepper spray, whistle.