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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - A very Nintendo Christmas...

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Ka-pi96 said:
Einsam_Delphin said:

Why you playing those outdated games when a new one just came out? :O

Why would I buy a new one when a superior version of it will be released soon?

So you can play the game now and for $40 (assuming you own a 3DS) instead of a year later for $300... duh!

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Ka-pi96 said:
Einsam_Delphin said:

So you can play the game now and for $40 (assuming you own a 3DS) instead of a year later for $300... duh!

I do own a 3DS, actually bought it in September in preparation for S/M

I just didn`t feel like playing it when it released and then there were rumours about a Switch version, so I`m kind of holding out for that. eh, maybe if the Switch reveal disappoints I`ll get the 3DS version then, it`s not even a month away now so not too long to wait.


If I were you yeah I'd probably just wait then. You just got a 3DS which means you have a ton of games that can hold you over til Stars. I actually thought of waiting myself, for all of five seconds! I had already skipped OR/AS so I needed a new Pokemon now!

I'm not so sure if Stars will be revealed at the Switch event though. That'd only be two months after Sun/Moon so too soon, but they've been doing a lot of weird things lately. Still I'm not expecting to see it, that way I can be surprised if it is there!

Just beat the first Dragon Warrior on NES. It's not first party... but still.

Mostly likely Pokemon Moon, doubt I'll be finishing it within the next 10 days, juggling like 4 different games at the moment

fedfed said:

Which game will you be played this Holiday period?

Any brand new game that Nintendo will deliver for my Wii U.

Oh, wait..

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I'm playing Super Mario 3D with my niece and brother to speed things up with the remaining characters, it's been quite a long time I can't pass the final stage, looooool. I'm try to beat Captain Toad with all the stars also.

Probably not much this Christmas outside of Smash, but I plan on doing a playthrough of the Metroid Prime games in 2017 to celebrate Prime's 15th anniversary.

bdbdbd said:
Something on NES, maybe some NES games on Virtual Console. AC: Amiibo Festival with my kids on Wii U.

Perhaps you are better off playing Fortune Street with them.  Teach them how to buy low and sell high on stocks.

Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS mainly and might dip into Shin Megami Tensei IV which I have yet to play.
Might as well play Super Mario 3D World which has been untouched on my Wii U. Finish NSMBU also would be nice. I believe I might have a week off work coming this holiday so I should have more time to game.

Xenoblade X. There are still things left to do