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No new games for me, just going to finish up Conquest, Moon, DQ IX and of course Splatoon

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Just the waiting game. The last one they have released for the Wii U.

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Probably still Final Fantasy 15 or The Last Guardian. But I'll be spending some time away from my computer and consoles, so I'll probably take my 3DS and get around to playing Link Between Worlds.


Or maybe my NES Classic. That thing can probably fit in my shirt pocket.

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And I'm gonna get Xenoblade Chronicles Wii from the WiiU virtual console to end up killing my social life this holidays xD

Pavolink said:

Just the waiting game. The last one they have released for the Wii U.

One way or another we're all playing that game, but that shouldn't stop you from playing other games aswell!

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I just started Earthbound for the first time. I'll probably still be playing that. I love the Auto Fight function and the fact that some enemies just die when you come into contact with them. Also cool the way that enemies run away from you. I'd like to see this more with open world games as well when you level up so you can truly feel how terrifying you become as you level up.

I find it kinda odd this is limited to Nintendo. This could have been something like 'A Very Console Christmas' or something, but I'll roll with it anyways.

I'll probably still be playing Fates into the next year, trying to perfect my team.



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Gonna be building my first battle team in Pokemon Moon. Bought Yoshi's Island DS as well. I may try to pick up Kid Icarus: Uprising if the price drops.

No Nintendo games for me this christmas, I bought PS4 recently, but I hope there will be plenty of Nintendo games to play next christmas. :)

Last guardian, FF XV, Destiny dawning and Battlefield 1, all on ps4 pro