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Ka-pi96 said:
Einsam_Delphin said:

So you can play the game now and for $40 (assuming you own a 3DS) instead of a year later for $300... duh!

I do own a 3DS, actually bought it in September in preparation for S/M

I just didn`t feel like playing it when it released and then there were rumours about a Switch version, so I`m kind of holding out for that. eh, maybe if the Switch reveal disappoints I`ll get the 3DS version then, it`s not even a month away now so not too long to wait.


If I were you yeah I'd probably just wait then. You just got a 3DS which means you have a ton of games that can hold you over til Stars. I actually thought of waiting myself, for all of five seconds! I had already skipped OR/AS so I needed a new Pokemon now!

I'm not so sure if Stars will be revealed at the Switch event though. That'd only be two months after Sun/Moon so too soon, but they've been doing a lot of weird things lately. Still I'm not expecting to see it, that way I can be surprised if it is there!