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If you're a Square-Enix fan, you're well aware of their penchant for including high-profile demos for future titles in current retail releases. For example, you will recall the playable Final Fantasy XII demo we found in Dragon Quest VIII. Therefore, we figured it would only make sense to see something similar with The Last Remnant, S-E's first next-gen offering that should be available later this year. So we started digging...but we didn't expect to find this.

According to a reliable source at SCEJ, Square-Enix has something big planned for The Last Remnant's release. Or rather, they have two "something bigs" planned. First up: they will be including a 22-minute playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII with the PS3 version of The Last Remnant. This demo lets us play through a section of FFXIII that doesn't occur until a good 20 hours into the game, which leads us to believe the developers are progressing nicely. Heck, they might even be ahead of schedule. Now, you may figure that this is the biggest detail we uncovered, but it's not. Oh, it's really, really not.

Not long ago, Eat Sleep Play confirmed what so many fans have been waiting for, and that's a Twisted Metal project for the PlayStation 3. They did this by embedding a simple code - easily cracked - during the end credits of the PSP's Twisted Metal: Head-On. Well, it seems Square-Enix is taking a page from their book because at some point during The Last Remnant (we don't know exactly when), we will get undisputed confirmation that the long-awaited and oft-speculated-upon Final Fantasy VII remake for the PS3 will arrive in 2009! Square-Enix just got finished saying that the FFVII Compilation isn't complete, and clearly, this is the final title. It's exactly what we've been waiting for, too! Wooo!

3/31/2008  Ben Dutka



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too good to be true...I smell an april fool's joke that will haunt my dreams forever.


April Fools Much?


Edit: Bah, beaten. 

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Oh wait.....
april fools. ='(

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Gullable People on April Fools.

They got greedy with the FFVII remake.

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

Tag, courtesy of fkusumot: "Why do most of the PS3 fanboys have avatars that looks totally pissed?"
"Ok, girl's trapped in the elevator, and the power's off.  I swear, if a zombie comes around the next corner..."

yep, its April fools