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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy XV Metascore Prediction Thread!

I expect the game to be less controversial than FFXIII (83), and Final Fantasy XII despite it's underappreciated gameplay got 92. Given the hype, graphics and expecting the game to have the usual godlike OST and story, I'll go for 92 on ps4, 91 on Xbox One (-2 because of the graphics, +1 because the least popular version will have less troll reviews).

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Put me down for 86. I wanted to say 85 but you know me, I'm an optimist.

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84. It may run poorly or even lack true direction given its director.

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I think we've finally got a 90 final fantasy game this time round. So I'm going for 90%

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I'm gonna go for 87.


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Based on what I played so far, I m pretty disappointed but its also a demo disc on the easiest setting in Japanese so I will give it the benefit of the doubt 


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