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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - WTH? Square Enix actually considering Kingdom Hearts III for the DS?

To anybody that clicks this... SORIKU'S A FOOL

Square Enix Considering Kingdom Hearts III for the DS?

"Just today, Square Enix star Tetsuya Nomura has spilled some beans on Kingdom Hearts III's platform of choice...

Q: Mr. Nomura, does Square Enix have any plans to make a Kingdom Hearts III?

A: Yes. In fact we might even put it on the DS.

Really? Why the DS?

Q: We [Square Enix] have enjoyed making It's a Wonderful World, also known as The World Ends With You, on the DS and we would like to delve deeper into it. With it's appeal to all gamers we think the DS is the best platform for Kingdom Hearts III."


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Was this from Japan (tommorow)?

what is the bad news, it could work out great

It would probably just be another spin-off type adventure or something...anyhow, I hope not. Put it on a console---I don't care which one, but a console, not a handheld.

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I've said it before, and I will say it again: The DS steals all of the Japanese support away from the consoles. This is the second time SE has mentioned Kingdom Hearts III going to the DS.

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Isn't a Kingdom Hearts spinoff already coming to the DS?

It seems a step back to me to release the next iteration of a big series on a handheld.

Count me out >_>;;; Not to sound like a fanboy, but playing anything from Square on the DS is a punishment to me :x I didn't buy the second kingdom hearts because they released the other game on the GBA >

From 0 to KICKASS in .stupid seconds.

Seriously, any news uncovered between March 28 and April 4 is typically highly unreliable. I'm ashamed of everybody that actually considers this as valid right now.

Especially since that link doesn't work. And, even so, it's from GameLAWLZ. As in a joke site, probably.



Well, this certaintly hurts the PS3's chances of getting it if true.  Considering the day and everything.

If they are considering DS it really obliterates the 2 main reasons it would be on PS3 that people who expect it on the PS3 always talk about.

1) Loyalty to Sony

2) Most upgraded graphics. (Some people claiming that somehow the wii would be downagraded graphics.)

If that's the case the main contenders are apparently DS and Wii.

I don't get Handheld RPGs.

SRPGs sure. The battles are practically made so they can be played one level at a time. But RPGs always seemed like the "play 5-6 hours straight." type games.

:'(... I want it on Wii, or even PS3...