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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Prediction: The Nintendo Switch will fail (with explanation)


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The Switch doesn't need great 3rd party support, it just needs a good healthy amount of games. If all those games come from Nintendo (and perhaps a few other people), then that's still a very good thing. In fact, the more exclusives it has, the better.

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SegataSanshiro said:

It's sounding like it's using a Tegra X2 but custom. That put's it near base XBO.
This is a system with Dragon Quest,Pokemon,Monster Hunter,Shin Megami Tensei. That alone it has already won Japan before it's even out. They are manufacturing hype for Switch in the same way they did Revolution (Wii) and it's working. I think this system has potential to be a big seller. Don't think Wii numbers but PSP/GBA numbers. Nintendo has learned from Wii U and doubt it will cost more than 349 at max. I do think it will start at 259 for system and dock and 349 that includes the grip and digital copy of Zelda.

So just because its custom give nvidia the ability to increase performance by factor 2-3 without any heating and energy problems ? Lol. Tegra x2 is already all their tech combined. more is not possible. At least not at a priecepoint thats does not have 4 figures.

Apple is pushing the ARM SOcs really hard and even their a9x is far from beeing competitive with the xbox one. And the a10x and a11x wont either. They wouldt need to make it at 2nm or something to achieve that :D Thats may happen in 3-4 year, but not 2017.

Mr.GameCrazy said:
Jranation said:
Lol! Got banned XD

Apparently, the OP was an alt for JNK. I wonder what he was originally banned for.

I was banned for creating alts besically. I got banned for no reason loooong ago (like really, im not lying here) and just made alts to complain about that and later made more alts to be active on this forum again. Lol. I still have some alts here i kept secret (I didnt made a big secret with this one that im JNK) so i dont really care to much. I really never did anything bad, wrong or forbidden. Just was annoying because i didnt accepted the mods behaviour who made the mistake but banned me lol. 

Alt removed - RavenXtra

Considering the OP is an alt, and is now just making more alts to draw attention to himself. Locking the thread.