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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Gentlemen, I like Brawl.

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We want Brawl! We want Brawl!

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Your video/photo link is broken.


Basil's YouTube Channel


BasilZero said:

Your video/photo link is broken.

Shoot. Lemme fix it.

I fixed it.

Actually Brawl is the worst thing that ever happened to Hearthstone.

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vivster said:
Actually Brawl is the worst thing that ever happened to Hearthstone.

Oh hell no!

I do to

but Smash 4 is better

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I'm still holding on to Melee after all these years. Brawl left a bad taste in my mouth that even U / 3DS weren't able to wash out.

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Smash Brothers is a really overrated franchise, but Brawl had some depth to it that the other games didn't have.

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Did you guys even watch the video?