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Forums - PC Discussion - How many games you have on Steam?

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Mummelmann said:
(..) another 12-15 on Origin, but I try to buy as little as possible for the latter since I don't really want to support EA.

You're doing it wrong man, I haven't bought a single game that sported an 'EA' logo going on 13 years now.

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BasilZero said:
XanderXT said:

Is nobody impressed I only have 1 game?

Are the games the following....




Team Fortress 2


(Insert some F2P MMO)

Nope, Goldeneye: Source.

Though I did have TF2.

When I mean one game, I meant one installed.

JEMC said:
think-man said:

Did i strike a cord?  Lol

No you didn't.

But it's getting a bit tiresome to see you getting into PC based discussions to defend or praise console gaming. You don't have to, it's not needed, and no one cares.

Me? I think you have me confused with someone else,  i seldom comment on pc stuff lol


I just checked my history last time i commented on one was 3 weeks ago saying "i thought Sony were always going to release ps plus on pc" and i scrolled back all the way to June and haven't seen another comment on a PC discussion since lol so definitely got the wrong person. 

BasilZero said:
XanderXT said:

Nope, Goldeneye: Source.

Though I did have TF2.


Hmm close enough l0l

See my edit?

258 games (only two F2P games I believe)

Games played = 75 (some only a few minutes)

Most played:

Garry's Mod = 1238 hours
Rocket League = 605 hours (kill me)
CS: GO = 501 hours

Games played over 10 hours = 29

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240 approx with about 30 I haven't played at all. Many of them were from those charitable bundles for a $1 where you get 6 or so minor games. Probably only about 10 full price games and 50 hugely discounted games.

There's probably about 20 games that I've tried once and probably never go back to again as wasn't impressed. All from the charity bundles I think.

think-man said:
Conina said:

Good for you. But that's completely offtopic.

  • Nobody asked about console games (the section "PC discussion" should be a hint)
  • Nobody asked about physical games
  • Nobody asked about pros & cons of physical or digital games
  • Nobody asked about your financial situation, which could require you to sell your games in the future

Did i strike a cord?  Lol

If you don't want PC gamers running into console forums and starting shit, then don't do the same to them.

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36, haven't played 2 out of the Hitman bundle games and never played the witcher 2.

2264 hours in Dota 2. :D

Apparently I have 77 games, but only played a handful of them. I'm pretty sure I still have some Steam codes to redeem in my email, got quite a few free crap from sites such as indiegala (although lately I wasn't able to get stuff there) and I've only really payed for some humble bundles.

Also got for free:
24 in GoG
16 in Origin
3 in UbiClub

Still need to invest on a new PC, most likely the HTPC I've been postponing for years... The problem now is that I really can't be bothered to stay stuck inside my house playing on a desktop PC after working for 8 hours in front on a PC.

okr said:

I will quickly reduce my backlog in the coming months. I recently bought an Alienware Alpha R2 (great little machine - it's as small as a Wii U) and switched from desktop/monitor to couch/TV. I don't want to sit in front of a desk anymore, but I still want to play PC games.

Talk of the devil, that device looks interesting, which model did you get? You have a steam controller too? It's things like this that I want to try but never get around doing.

And thanks for the add, just accepted, not sure when you sent the request! 

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Azuren said:
think-man said:

Did i strike a cord?  Lol

If you don't want PC gamers running into console forums and starting shit, then don't do the same to them.

Starting shit?  I merely asked a question.