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Pokemon Sun/Moon bossing it at #4 and #5 whilst the duo pack is at #10!

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Tackle and grapple.....aka tagging

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Pokémon Moon and Sun both in TOP 5, insane.


Ariakon said:

This month will get very interesting in a little less than a week, I think.  I wonder what type of bundles the ps4 slim is going to have.

Almost five days from now and we'll know.

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Let's rock... AND RIDE!!!


September starting, Vita going up, yeah, sounds like a good month.

3 hours since last update:


#34 XB1s-500gb Halo Bundle (down 5)
#41 PS4 Fool's Edition (up 2)
#45 PS4 Black Ops III Bundle (same)
#67 XB1s-2tb (up 8)
#70 Vita (down 2)
#75 XB1s-1tf Madden Bundle (down 1)

SOFTWARE (pre-orders only)
#04 3DS Pokemon Sun (same)
#05 3DS Pokemon Moon (same)
#07 3DS Pokemon Sun&Moon (up 3)


The PS5 Exists.