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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz WARHAWK bi-weekly league.

Those were some great games. Thanks for hosting hanafuda. I loved the CTF match and the zones match. I weakened marcio's warhawk, and he blew himself up. lol

@God, we play around 6 CDT.

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^You evil man lol. But I did beat a few times so Im happy.

Mirson said:

@God, we play around 6 CDT.



Damn....thats now 5 EST...I signed in at 4:15 EST this past week.... 


PSN: TheGodofWine (Warhawk / R2 / MotorStorm PR)


PSN: Skigazzi (for KZ2 and future games)

Thanks for hosting hanafuda. Good games folks.


I will hopefully be able to make it next week. I have a wedding to attend but I should be able to play next week if there's going to be a game. Hopefully I'll have a chance to practice up for that.

Honestly, some of the randoms who join the VGC league games just beat the crap out of me and it feels like the game has evolved into a faster game since I stopped playing it regularly apart from VGC league games over a year ago. I'm not sure when flipping jeeps/tanks with warhawks became an acceptable tactic but it's super annoying and all these random players seem to do it.

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Will be good to see you ameratsu.

Game on in 23 hours from now.

PSN - hanafuda

I'll be there.

Live in an hour.

PSN - hanafuda

Well, good games. Sorry for leaving early.

Game on this weekend.

Wonder if Mirson got his Triple fixed?

PSN - hanafuda