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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz WARHAWK bi-weekly league.

Game on again this weekend.

Hopefully no crash this time.

PSN - hanafuda

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Hopefully hanafuds's crash wont make me suck so much again.

I kid, I kid. I suck plenty on my own.

I will see you there guys.


30 mins to go.

PSN - hanafuda

Great games guys. Thanks for hosting hanafuda. The first collection match was crazy especially towards the end; it was very close.

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Great games guys. Mirson, you kicked my ass tonight. Everywhere I went I would face you and lose

I did manage to kill hanafuda 3 times in a row in that zones game. I really enjoyed it.

Thasnk for hosting, hanafuda

Great games guys, thanks for hosting hanafuda.

Sorry I bailed a bit early, was tired.


Everything I attempted in that session went wrong.

It was like a cursed session for me.

Should I drop the expansion pack maps?

PSN - hanafuda

If you want to I'm not fussy what maps we play.


I swear Im going to play again...dammit!

( I have a 3 week old daughter at home :D which means I've probably been asleep the last 2 saturdays at 4pm!)

I actually got 2 of my coworkers to buy this as well...


PSN: TheGodofWine (Warhawk / R2 / MotorStorm PR)


PSN: Skigazzi (for KZ2 and future games)