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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz WARHAWK bi-weekly league.

I got my PS3 today...bwahahaha. I'll be there this Saturday if there's a game.

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keep your head down Mirson..

This week will be the same game/map layout as last week.

PSN - hanafuda

Ok. I will be there at the same time. To be killed dozens of times by you or dawve.


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oh can we actually play ranked matches plz??

Server up in 30 mins.

Will be ranked, as was last week.

PSN - hanafuda

Good games on the whole.

Think I will change that Icefield map.

Raked in loads of points in that session.

PSN - hanafuda

Great games, guys. I dont what happened but damn dawve had a thing for me tonight lo. Everywhere I went dawve would kill me. Sometimes I would go out of my way to avoid him and he would find me and kill me with a tank.

I did get him a couple of times in a collection game, but still, damn dawve. Let me be, m8! lol

Thanks for hosting, hanafuda. I love that last CTF game. I always rush, and I managed to score twice. Too bad. One more, and I would have gotten the trophy for it lol. I did manage to score 100 points which was a first for me.

Good games guys. see ya next time.