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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz WARHAWK bi-weekly league.

@dawve, I had the same network error problems last week. No problems this week. Everything is running smooth.

@godofwine, good luck and have fun. It was a good game we played on Monday or Sunday night. Don't remember when it was.

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Domo-Kun said:
I've been a fan of Incog Inc. since Twisted Metal Black.

The only reason I picked up Warhawk was Incog.


War of the Monsters :)

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Hey there folks. Just bought the game today. Since we are coming up on the 3rd Saturday of the month I thought I might participate (though I'm sure I will be epically horrible at the game). My PSN ID is my VGC username.

I bought the bundle with the headset for $50.  Not sure how good the headset is, but I guess we'll find out!

We play every week, despite the "Bi-weekly" of the title. We'll be glad to have you. I'll add you to the roster after your first game.

I see. How are the map packs for this game btw? Worth it?

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welcome to the league naznatips.


side note:  In two weeks a content patch will arrive that contains an offline tutorial


"Training Tutorials

As more and more people join the Warhawk community, we are seeing an even greater difference between skill-levels than ever before. New Warhawk players had to go online in order to learn the game and, invariably, they would encounter enemy players that were, shall we say, not too kind to newbies This made it really hard for players to learn the ropes, get familiar with the controls, weapons, etc.

So…The new v1.5 Update includes 4 very simple tutorials that can be played off-line. Each one focuses on the core principals of each of the 3 modes of gameplay: Infantry, Ground Vehicles and Aircraft. Now these tutorials are very, very simple and It wouldn’t surprise me if some of our more hardcore players find them way too pedestrian. But we’re looking to help the *new* player, a player that may not be that familiar with Warhawk or the shooter genre. These tutorials are an invaluable help to a newbie!!! "

ameratsu said:
Domo-Kun said:
I've been a fan of Incog Inc. since Twisted Metal Black.

The only reason I picked up Warhawk was Incog.


War of the Monsters :)


We'll miss you George.



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I haven't gone online yet, but when I bought it I made a local empty game and screwed around with the controls to figure out the basics of everything so I wouldn't be too lost. I also spent a while trying to do the craziest things I could without dying in a Warhawk so that I would be able to compete in online dogfights.

Again though, I'm sure I'll be absolutely slammed online.

If I were you, I would not even consider buying map packs until I knew what kind of bundle they will be offering for all 3 in a couple of weeks. But yes, they are very good complements to the main game. Most of the leaguers have opted to acquire them.

I only play Warhawk during league games, and I feel I have gotten my money's worth with the pack bundle. So what you get out of them is up to your commitment. :)

everyone gets owned their first couple of times. just make sure that when you do start playing online to make use of the rank restricted rookie servers.