Forums - Gaming Discussion - VGChartz WARHAWK bi-weekly league.

Every Saturday from 4pm eastern to 6:30Pm eastern. Map Packs are required as of about 5:30PM.

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Have a great night godofwine.

We play this saturday iclim4. You will be more than welcome to join us.


Dogs Rule said:
Every Saturday from 4pm eastern to 6:30Pm eastern. Map Packs are required as of about 5:30PM.

k thanks.
I'll drop by for sure, I just hope I don't get slaughtered. >_<


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It is interesting that Warhawk, a game that is 50 weeks in to its lifecycle can still regularly sustain multiple threads per week.

Has anyone been having problems with Warhawk today. I have been getting network server errors all day.

EDIT: Yeah it is interesting Dogs, there has been more Warhawk threads than I can remember. Also we keep getting more interest in the league. Has anyone heard from MADCOM and if he liked his first game.


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There was no cunning plan in the server game mate. I acctually felt sorry for you during the game. For a long spell Kas & myself in tanks, Mirson in an APC and another leaguer (cant remember who but one of the fly boys) mangled your main base. The only person I seen trying to defend it was you. I thought the rest of your team had left, but no they just left you with a whole base to defend by yourself.


Hello there. Yup, i managed to get online and gaming last saturday. It was great!

I've been a fan of Incog Inc. since Twisted Metal Black.

The only reason I picked up Warhawk was Incog.

We'll miss you George.



My friends call me Hadoken because I'm down-right fierce

Nice one MadCom come to some more games.


Also cheers for trying to help me out last night slums, but there was no saving that match. I was just fighting on as I hate quitting on a team even if they are gonna lose.