Forums - Gaming Discussion - PSVita owners, are you excited for NX?


Yes 87 39.55%
No 89 40.45%
Unsure 44 20.00%

I bought the Vita during its launch year but it never quite lived up to my expectations despite the hardware being amazing. Nintendo may finally combine bleeding edge hardware (for a handheld), with great software support (Ninty first party and a monopoly over Japanese 3rd party). Does this prospect excite you? Will the NX deliver what the Vita failed?

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As a Vita owner, I'm excited for NX, but not due to high-powered hardware. In fact I pray the hardware is inexpensive and easy-to-use.

I'm just excited because I'm eager to see what Nintendo's software teams can accomplish with NX :)

After observing Nintendo for sometime, I've learned that they've always built their consoles/handhelds with their franchises in mind.

With that said, I'm not going to expect bleeding edge hardware. If the design of the new handheld looks sleek and sexy, I'll be very excited, so right now I'll reserve judgement.

I'm currently enjoying Adventures of Mana on my PSV and really looking forward to see what Nintendo will bring to the NX.

Not really.

I've owned several ninty handhelds and I always found them uncomfortable to hold compared to psp and vita. That alone is reason enough for me not to buy NX. If they improve that, then maybe. But I still like trophies and I don't see them coming up with an achievement program.

Too many things need to be fixed for me to buy one. At the moment, zero interest in it.
(thankfully for Ninty I'm not the average gamer)

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I'm excited for the NX!.... but not because I'm a Vita owner, haha... xD I hope it's at least something good this time.. >_>;



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As a Vita owner I have zero interest. Nintendo haven't appealed to me for a long time now and I don't expect it to change.

I do not understand getting excited over a gaming platform with next to no concrete information about it. When Nintendo shows their precious hand I may change my mind, but until then, no.

What an odd connection. the PSV and the NX have no games in common.

As a PSV user, I still use my PSV quite a bit. It is basically the opposite of the Wii U. It has little first party support, but it has a ton of third party support.

As for the NX? Hardware doesn't get me interested - games do.

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Kerotan said:
As a Vita owner I have zero interest. Nintendo haven't appealed to me for a long time now and I don't expect it to change.

At least Nintendo is making games for their platform ;)