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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite peripheral based game?

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ktay95 said:
Cloudman said:
Dance Dance Revolution. I used to play it all the time.... and needed many dance pads, since I kept shredding them... T_T

You're doing it wrong

Those plastic pads are garbage

If I only knew where to get those... : T Plus don't those need maintenance as well?



Dance my pretties!

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Probably Typing of the Dead (not overkill). All the cheesy voice acting plus the game's silly word bank makes for a great experience

Onimusha 3 for PS2. (the original Wiimote before the Wii)  Of course it wasn't the best controller compared to how the Wii's been making their games, but at that time, to me, it was new and fresh on PS2 so I liked it for a while.

I used to love playing Dance Dance Revolution. Rock Band would be a pretty close second though.

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I quite liked DJ Hero, Wii Sports, and the first Kinect Sports

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Duck Hunt

Guitar Hero.

I was addicted from 3 through 5 and Metallica. Honorable mention to Duck Hunt on NES, played that like a billion times back when.

Guitar Hero/Rock Band, but only when using the GH controller. I've always hated RB's guitar

The dog alone makes Duck Hunt the best one.

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I really enjoyed Link's Crossbow Training, and althought it's not essential, I use the wheel for Mario Karts Wii and 8.