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Forums - Sports Discussion - Rio Olympics isn't going to be a disaster, right?


Rio Olympics...

It's gonna be fine... 6 18.75%
It's going to be a disas... 5 15.63%
It's gonna be the greate... 1 3.13%
It's going to be a catas... 15 46.88%
Brace for BraExit...Olympics Cancelled 5 15.63%

With the major issues surrounding Brazil,I just can't help but really feel bad for the athletes. Every time I say it's gonna be okay, another stuff happens in Brazil that makes you go uhhh ohhh. I got a wild feeling we're going to have a BraExit situation in here when I mean Braexit, an olympics cancellation. Lol

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It's going to be bad. Shit they found body parts near the beach volleyball courts.

Lol I was surprise to find out its only a few months time. Well if China can do Brazil should have some hope. I think :X


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Don't worry guys, just keep coming, the thiefs will get sad if they are training those robbery lines in english to make use on you and you guys don't make your part coming here!

Aren't there only 5 weeks left? Things are getting pretty close.. People manage to do amazing things under pressure though, so maybe they can pull it off? Either way it should be fun to watch :P

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HAHAHAHA!!!! I can't wait for this disaster to unfold. 

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Ppl overblow stuff. Brazil's problems are definetly less worrysome )or at least aren't more worrysome) then getting blown to bits by some religious fanatic while you are on a train going to work, or being shot to death while you enjoy a night at the club by some nutcase who can't accept the differences in the world.

Olympics are gona happen and Brazil problems will be Brazil's problems.

It will be ok for track and field events and sports done indoors but anything done outside is likely to be a disaster.

Don't think it will be a total disaster but its going to be the least successful Summer Olympics since the one in Montreal in 1976. Hope it doesn't ruin Buenos Aires chance to be the host city fairly soon.

SnakeDrake said:
Lol I was surprise to find out its only a few months time. Well if China can do Brazil should have some hope. I think :X

Huge mistake there.

China is ruled by an iron fist, when the communist party decides something's going to happen it happens, and people comply or disappear. Brazil is not like that, aside from the people disappearaing part.

China's culture is one of stern industriousness, and a Chinese govt of wanting to be the most powerful, respected, and feared country in the world. Brazil's culture is not industrious, it's a fun party time culture, and it has no aspirations for being the dominant country in the world.

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