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Some finale, eh? Quite the body count and milestones. For some reason the wildfire didn't impact me all that much but Tommen's jump immediately after sure did. The North has a king again, Cersei is queen again, Tyrion is Hand again, Daenerys is finally on her way to Westeros. Funny how everyone left is more or less getting what they want at last but no one's smiling about it (besides Arya). Wonder if Jon's now confirmed lineage will eventually have some backlash with his bannermen. I see Arya and Varys got a hold of some teleporters, too. Gonna be interesting to see the remaining Starks reunited soon. Everyone's coming home! Winter is here!

Thoughts? Predictions?

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I loved the episode. Thought it was much better than episode 9.

this topped the season 4 finale as my favorite episode of the series and i'm so excited for season 7 its just ashamed its gonna be a shorter season.

The show still finds way of surprising me, in an era of predictability that is a breath of fresh air. The end does seem more predictable at this stage, but at this point, I could be surprised again.


Loved it, this season has definitely redeemed itself.

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A lot of people have been quite negative about this season, but I've loved it from start to finish, definitely better than 5. It's been too long since I watched the other seasons to compare it definitively but it could potentially be my favourite season over all.

It was GOOD. some nitpicks here and there but it was good.

Although i still haven't forgiven them for the god awful episode 8.

Kings landing had me on my toes the entire season.

Margaery lost. I am very sad.

Her figuring out that something bad was about to happen is my only consolation. I was truly frightened for her the entire season.


I just saw it, it was MINDBLOWING

Damn - that was a fantastic episode.

One of my most favorite episodes if not the most favorite :p

I loved the King's Landing story but saddened that most of the characters from that area have died.

Looks like their combining the stories together now - its gonna be all out war now!


Cant wait for the next season!


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