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maverick40 said:
Another botched and mixed message from Phil and Microsoft. They haven't a clue. Buying Linkedin just proved it too

yeah no clue.  what the hell does that say about pretty much every other corporation in the world. 

I'm not really here!

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crissindahouse said:
ABTR said:

10%? But ps4 is the most powerfull console and sell so far 40m, that no make sense that 90% of people is   ok with less power?

Besides the wii success is not because it was cheaper and less powerfull, it because was give new ways for playing games, that ufortunatly last 3 years, so much for that success

So MS that is already behind on sales, make the most powerfull console so far, and say ''nah it not going to sell, people don't care about power", i don't think so and i m sure they have the power to sel it 500$ they are despert and they play all or nothing

He didn't say that the most powerful console can't sell the most but that many people are fine with a weaker console and that power isn't the reason to win (just look at first Xbox vs. PS2). PS4 didn't sell 40m because it is the most powerful console but because it does get a lot of games especially also from Japan where XBO doesn't get all from and because MS fucked it up before release with their different  policies which they had to change then but that did harm them for the whole gen. 

Many people also buy a PS4 simply because the userbase is the biggest now and if you want to play some multilpayer with your friends, chance is high that you can play with most if you buy a PS4. That alone will help them to sell some million consoles.

If the PS4 would be only as strong as the XBO it would be still at 35m+. I have to see all those people who would own an XBO instead of a PS4 if PS4 wouldn't be stronger. 

Scorpio won't sell crazy amounts, I guess the XBO S will still sell more as Scorpio  (well, maybe not the first month after Scorpio releases) simply because of the huge price advantage, something it will have because of the cheaper architecture. 

That's what Spencer meant, a lot of people will look more at the price as at the stronger power which they will have to pay like 300 bucks more for. but those who care a lot about power can buy a Scorpio which won't be cheap but good for them.

PS4 sell more because is the cheaper and most powerful cosnole, The fact that was not has many games the first 1,5 year is not was problem to go ahead 10m the same time the xbone has the same price and some days was 100$ cheaper. GDDR5 and 720P vs 1080P make the diference. Don't you see now how many people want now 60 fps? no one cares about 4k right now, but they do in a couple years when the real 4k UHD tv's comes out.

On ps2, xbox era the games make the difference MS has the chance to succed if has first pary developers like Sony. On xbox360, ps3, the first wins,  at least untill 2009, because was better on multiplatform, ps3 has saved by first party developers. So power is some sort the key here, power on first party developers, power on the better perfomance system

The same happen here with ps4, xbone, people buy the better looking console on multiplatform games, but also MS can't follow on first party games once again they recicle the 2014 2015 with forza, dead rising, gears, halo, With only new game the QB and recore, sony has already give new uncharted game that play differently than others, and on holiday has The last gurdian, Gravity rush, GT S no mans sky.   I'm not say who games is better i talk about games that we haven't see on ps4 again and that will be bigger for ps4 on 2107

Thats why Spencer say that is too early for true 4k gaming, there main target is 1080P 60fps without problem. Thats why Sony surprise too about all  true 4k on MS conferance. 4k Is a good  tool but like all adverts is not 100% true. it is happening but not now. I see most the upscale 4k, that if not have 4k don't need it because for now you will be happy with 1080P 60 fps

Scorpio is MS chance to get over the 720P and Neo is Sony chance to support better vr and of course 1080p 60 fps. So both have the same targets that is 1080P 60fps if gamers see that then we start want more like 4k, is on human bloοd to want more and going for the best


Im not so sure people will buy xbox Slim, if was me i save my money for scorpio



Its ok im geting a 4 k tv next year Anyways


Humble thing for him to say. Scorpio will see improvements across the board, i think this is more based around him trying to sell more Slim models. Alot of people in here that are upset. Take his words like value for money. Scorpio isnt worth the purchase (could be quite expensive) if your not going to benefit it's 4k feature which its designed around.