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NX have good third party if it sell well?

Yes most third party 34 17.17%
Only JP third party 42 21.21%
Only indies 20 10.10%
Third party on Nintendo HAHAHA 68 34.34%
not sure 34 17.17%

I've been hearing lots of people saying Nintendo probably learned from the Wii U generation and they will release a strong console, a good price and get lots of third party games. I've been thinking about this and I can't see the NX really getting third party games. It can be as powerful as it wants but third party games don't appeal to many Nintendo fans. Only a handful amount of third party games like FF, Monster Hunter etc. But, big western third party games like Madden, FIFA, COD, AC don't sell well on Nintendo consoles. Even when the Gamecube had a close userbase to the og Xbox games like madden 05 sold over a million more on the Xbox and the game was not gimped port, it didn't launch at a later date, and the install bases were similar.


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Nintendo's gonna have to take back that luck they left in heaven.


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Don't see why not. If it's a fusion console and handheld combo, then I can see it doing very well with third party



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If it gets at least japanese third-parties, I'm good. Don't really care about the others. A lot of people do though, so I hope Nintendo gets as many as they can this time =P

Considering Nintendo's history with third parties, I'd say it's unlikely. It's possible, but something needs to change big time. But as it is, I'm expected there to be some third-party publisher support initially, then some indivual third party publishers supporting the console later. Indie developers will probably support the console better than big publishers, at least in the long run, as long as Nintendo doesn't become hostile towards them (which is something I'm not expecting to happen).

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If it had the power and was easy to port to?  Sure it would.  

You bring up the Gamecube Madden games, but Madden kept making them year after year, till the Wii U came out.  So they obviously were making enough money.  Around 500K is probably fine for ports.  The COD games on the Wii sold about a million each.  Rock band and Guitar Hero both did really well on Nintendo consoles.  There's also De Blob, Boogie, Epic Mickey, Goldeneye, and Rabbids,  among others.  Generally, solid games developed for the console did well.  Of course there were some notable flops (poor red Steel) but a lot of companies found success. 

While you're biasing this towards western games, there a lot of Japanese franchises that have done well on Nintendo consoles.  There are six resident evil million sellers among the Wii and Gamecube.  Soul Calibur and Tales of Symphonia hit a million each.  Sonic has continually performed better on Nintendo consoles than others.

You're also ignoring the fact that a big part of the market has neither embraced the XBox One or PS4.  Children and casual gamers just haven't gravitated towards the PS4.  Aside from Minecradt and (debateably) Little Big Planet and Knack, games for this audience just haven't done very well.  I know people will pull out the old "casuals stopped caring about the Wii" thing, but even last year, Just Dance hit over a million, selling better than all other versions combined.  Skylanders performed best on the Wii through 2013.  The Lego Franchise took a huge hit with the failure of the Wii U.  Market fatigue of course played a large factor in these drops (far more than iphone games and such I'd argue) but I think some companies are really missing that market Nintendo once provided.  It's not a guarantee that they can recapture it, but if Nintendo makes a big splash initially, I think these companies would try to capitalize.


If it's relatively cheap to make ports, and the NX gets a good start out of the gate, there wouldn't be much reason to not make games.  The Gamecube got decent third party support despite middling sales because it was fairly easy to port to.  The Wii started losing support because they had to make games from the ground up instead of porting.  The Wii U didn't get support because people figured out pretty quickly it was a dud and the install base was awful.  If Nintendo has comparable power and a decent install base, it's hard to see why it wouldn't get decent support.  

I can't see why they couldn't. My question would be how much would that affect their success? Did third party support make the Wii? How relevant would that be at this point in this generation. I'd think most gamers already have a platform on which they enjoy third party offerings. I myself buy Nintendo for the experiences that only Nintendo can offer.

It will be realistic if the NX sells well

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It will all depend on how well it sells to be honest. Contrary to popular belief, 3rd parties don't care about who makes the console. If the potential buyers are present on the platform, they will support it.

The question is can Nintendo make their new console appealing to gamers. I believe they can but they have to play their cards right. Only time will tell.

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Depends on what you consider good. If NX is a unified platform than I can see it recieving solid Japanese support, solid indie support & solid kid/family/casual support. Mainstream western support is more iffy.

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