Forums - Sony Discussion - Will you be excited if Sony announces PlayStation NEO at E3?

Will you be excited if Sony announces Play Station NEO at E3?

Yes, confirmations get me hyped! 92 28.66%
Yes, I'll get mildly excited. 58 18.07%
No, I don't get hyped about old news. 14 4.36%
No, I couldn't care less. 113 35.20%
Other 16 4.98%
See Results 28 8.72%

Just something that crossed my mind seeing how many news and details talk about the PS NEO, will you be excited during E3 IF they announce it there ? We already know plenty of things about the console and possibly even some of the software that will come aloung it's announcement...

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I hope not true.


Depends on the features it provides. I plan to get a Neo when I get a PS4, regardless, but I am not going to get excited [per se] if they just announce a better PS4 with better performance. That is a given.

Not really, it is very dangerous line in the sand right now.


I'm interested, as I don't have a PS4 yet.

On the other hand, it really doesn't matter all that much, as new games will have to play on the old PS4 and, presumably, the old Xbox One. Game-play and design limitations will be determined by the lowest common denominator. If Neo appearing means the base model PS4 goes down in price, I might buy that instead.

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Excited isn't the word. Interested sure. We would probably get a release date, specs, price and so on.

I personally hope they went with buttons instead of those weird tabs they have now.

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I'm so happy with PS4 that for me PS4 alone is more than what I need :)

But why not, I would buy NEO as well on day one, as I love Playstation and I would play the same beautiful games with better graphics : so I'm happy anyway.

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Depends on what on earth it is, I'll be happy with 4k video, for heightened gaming experiences on any technical level, I have my rig so I don't care all that much about more power in consoles right now.

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Acevil said:
Not really, it is very dangerous line in the sand right now.

Same here. I hope Sony shows off some exciting new software at E3, and nothing else. 

I couldn't really care less about neo, so no.

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