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I do!

I just prefer to keep my expectations at an all-time low. I mean, I really dont care about Pokemon at all, and the other games said to be showcased arent my cup of tea either.

Zelda though I care for very much, it will look fantastic and would make any other announcement/whatever if it were to happen even more great.

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I do care

It's difficult to care about the new Zelda, when it's still so long untill the release data :(.

To me E3 is the most 'Meh' since a long time.

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Ultrashroomz said:
Guess no one cares about Nintendo at this rate.


It's hard to care when they give very little reason to.

People have too much hype on NX than any other Nintendo thing.

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I'm sure we will all spam this thread with our reactions when the treehouse starts.

Dat legend of Zelda.

Woo for Nintendo hype. Long live the king.

That's the exact date and time of Austria vs. Hungary at Euro 2016. Screw the Treehouse!

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