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Aquietguy said:
Mike321 said:
So there will be more games than Zelda, I wonder why nintendo took so long to announce more games at E3?

They never said Zelda would be the only game shown. They said it would be the only playable game.

This. They never said that zelda will be the unique

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Pavolink said:
Web page updated.
Starts with Pokemon Soon and Moon followed by Zelda.

Other games mentioned.

Pokemon is first? Sweet, I can just watch the start and turn it off after the Pokes are done

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Miyamotoo said:
LipeJJ said:

Well, those people will still get their gameplay broadcast a day before E3 kicks in. That would be more than enough imo... it will probably be a very interesting, scripted and long gameplay. They might also release a short trailer during their E3 coverage.

I am pretty sure they will first start with real trailer with name of game before move to gameplay broadcast, I really dont see they going right to gameplay without trailer.

I would prefer this way too, but it's Nintendo... you never know, they like to do the opposite of common sense.

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Finally got the thread updated, apologies for the mess.

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Guess I'll tag now that I actually have a reason to watch this. As always though, dolphin pokemon or else I am disappoint!

They only showing zelda for the wii u? What about the wii u owners who arent interested in zelda?

Pinkie_pie said:
They only showing zelda for the wii u? What about the wii u owners who arent interested in zelda?


Like it says in the OP, Day 2 of Treehouse they will talk about upcoming Wii U and 3DS games, though that Fire Emblem Popstar thing (which we already know everything about) is the only Wii U game specifically mentioned.

Basically Wii U owners not into Zelda get nothing.

New artwork for The Legend of Zelda.

Guess no one cares about Nintendo at this rate.