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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - PS4Neo + XBScorpio ... Is NX Screwed?

I think the Nintendo NX OS will be unique in the sense that I think they are actually using Android or an Android underlay (similar to what Amazon does with their tablets), but this is more of a plus for the portable IMO, the console ... I don't think people really care about smartphone like functionaility on their TV.

AppleTV does OK for Apple but it's no where close to the success of an iPhone or iPad or iPod or even Macbook.

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Could we hold off with these kind of threads untill we now what NX exactly is....

Yes, they fucked it up again. Releasing the slowest console on the market again. They never learn. The should stop making consoles and go 3rd party. Nintendo is doomed.

That's what ya want to hear?

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The companies that already own about 83% of the home console share, flooding the market with new HW, is a big concern for Nintendo.  With the NX info and release delay, is Ninty going back to the drawing board to  bump up spec (lol) , or rethink HW launch strategy? Maybe a true convergence device like a mini tablet, will be the first release from the NX line of products, to fully set itself apart from MSony. Sounds against what Kimishima stated so idk, but its not looking good really is time for Ninty to circle the wagons, so the unified library/cross buy scenario should be a real thing by now at the very least.  

If NX is indeed like PSNow, it could be sitting pretty.


The PS5 Exists. 

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Ruler said:
i dont think so, the NX will be defeniatley cheaper and will play all handheld games as well

So NX could be even as successful as PSTV?

The whole industry is screwed if they keep this iPhone like trend. A new model every two years? That's way too greedy!

Turkish said:
Yeah at this point anything below 1.84FLOPZ of the PS4 at $299 and above would be disappointing for the NX.

These (controlled?) leaks are only good for MS and Sony tho, they start the marketing buzz before the products are even announced and get people talking about them while the only signal we have of Nintendo still being in the console business is a vague twitter post saying "NX launches March 2017!". Between PSVR, Neo, slim consoles, price cuts and Xbox Scorpio the next 18 months is an awful time to launch a new console for Nintendo.

Because there has been no, and I mean ZERO, NX discussion before. We haven't even had one NX thread on this site!

Well, hard to say, but the NX will be facing an immense challenge for sure, Nintendo have lost so much traction in the market over the past 3-4 years, a lot more than anything conventional will make up. That said; I don't think 3rd parties care either way, there is nothing to suggest that the NX will get any more 3rd party support than the Wii U, if anything, it could be worse since Nintendo already crashed hard in the 8th gen and proved to be more or less irrelevant in the modern home console space. In others words, the few attempts the Wii U got from the start, like Zombi U and decent ports like Mass Effect 3 and AC4, could very well be completely absent from the platform.

So I take it we're going to call Nintendo dead out of the gate just because Microsoft and Sony are tearing the tearing the rulebook? That all seems rushed to me. We need to see what NX really is and compare it to what Sony and Microsoft are really doing.

Personally I feel this whole iterative console business, as it appears, might end up backfiring in their faces (or at the very least, not pull the kind of numbers they want in). Consoles aren't phones (and never will be) so offering all of these upgrades just seems weird (barring just the typical slim model). People will just wait and wait and put their console purchases on hold waiting for that "right" time.